Music Monday: Wasted on You


Back in the comfort of my own home, Music Monday continues. What I’ll do is go to my iTunes and randomly pick a song and tell my dear readers why it’s in my collection and why I like it…. this should be pretty interesting since I have a pretty eclectic collection of music….

This week the random song seemed fortuitous since this came in m email a few days ago, They always seem to visit Chicago during the warmer months…and the last time I saw them was when they toured as NKOTBSB (which in my opinion was EPIC!)


“Wasted On You” comes from NKOTSB’s sixth album 10. Not gonna lie, I purchased the album soon after it came out, but after hearing their first single Remix (I Like The) I was like screw that mess, and didn’t’ listen to it was at least 6 months (that’s how made I hated that single). The album is pretty much hit or miss in my opinion, but this song along with “Fighting Gravity” and “We Own The Night” are songs that I consider standouts (and frankly should have been singles).

I tend to like songs that I can find a connection to and boy does this one make a connection…. talk about finally breaking away from someone who is toxic and no good for you…..there is nothing worst than waisting your time, energy and love on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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10,000 Spoons …


Writing Prompt: When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic

I’m totally gonna dedicate this post to my cousin Aisha… she’s not dead or anything, she just really likes this song.

There have been many time when I felt like this song  was written just for me… seriously my life is either in a state of “Are you Kidding Me?” or “What The Fuck?!” The title of my autobiography is going to be titled, “Unfortunate Scenarios”.  And honestly I often think of that song, which is why I was grinning ear to ear when this prompt popped up…

“It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay” … This line has always made me think of my mother, who I lovingly call a wino. This situation would NOT be ironic to her.. I should probably re-enforce the fact that my mother is not an alcoholic…but a woman who owns so much wine that her two wine racks can’t hold it… the same woman who goes to my aunts house to “catch up” has a bottle of wine in her purse. If there was a black fly in her Chardonnay my mother would seriously look at it like, then grab something to scoop out the offending insect and continue to enjoy her drink.  As my mother tell me all the time, “God damn it Tyra, I raised three kids who ate half way decent, and I’ve over the age of 50, I should be able to enjoy a glass (she means bottle) every know and then!”

“It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late” … Dude that’s seriously fucked up….

But my ironic situation is also based off this song, well this lyric in particular.It’s meeting the man of my dreams. And then meeting his beautiful wife”… That’s not ironic, this is, “It’s meeting the man of my dreams, And then meeting his equally beautiful gay partner”….. Now that bitches is the cruelest bit of irony.

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