Outer Layers



Writing Prompt – What story do the things you wear tell about you?

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I generally never think of my outer layer. I put on clothes, and I go about day. But this prompt really made me think. I guess if people were super observant, they would notice that my outer layers really are an extension of what I am feeling, for example very few people know that I wear certain goodies when I don’t feel good, it’s old, way too big, but it’s comforting, nostalgic, and I wear it until I feel better, it could very well be my security blanket.
But for the most part my every day outerwear is pretty simple, nothing to flashy, nothing that would be considered “on trend” things that blend in with the background. Things that blend into the background. I don’t really want to be noticed or called out in a crowd.
For years my outerwear wad used to hide, we’ll hide my body, everything was too big, too bulky, but always non distinct
In one simple sentence can some this up perfectly. My outer wear is always appropriate to the occasion, but blends in.

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