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I remember the days when it used to be considered rude to whisper around other people, I guess they figured if you had something so secretive to say, better to say it when you were alone with the person and not in a group of people…. oh how I long for those days again…

I tend to notice this the most at Walmart…. which seriously has become both my ultimate entertainment and frustration and I usually and at this crossroads of dichotomy when I’m standing in line to check out…. doesn’t matter if I using a cashier or the self-checkout there is a line… and when there is a line at Walmart there is usually someone on the phone… having a conversation; a conversation that you seriously don’t want to hear but have no choice because 1. They are standing right behind you and 2. They don’t know the meaning of “inside voice” or how to whisper.

Just By Standing in Line  at Walmart I can tell you

  • Several peoples SSN.
  • Medical information that honestly I don’t want to know…
  • I might be considered at accessory to crime if I was ever questioned….. maybe
  • I have been the witness to many over the phone break-ups and even one adulterous relationship
  • The basic tomfoolery and fuckery that generally happens at your local Walmart

The takeaway from this is : Everyone doesn’t need to hear EVERYTHING you need to say


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