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My closet is magic, much like the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia, my closet can take you to a magic land called Frustration. In the land of Frustration you will stare at the same clothes for a good 15 minutes, wondering where you black leggings are, not those….. or those…. not the ones with the leather, the cotton ones that fit just right….. you know they’re in there….,maybe behind that Henley you haven’t worn in two years…

My closet has a magical ability of processing clothing are allowing you to find clothes you weren’t looking for while hiding you ones you are. Another ability that it seems to have is the ability to never stay clean no matter how much you declutter and organize it.

My closet is truly one of a kind…. my closet is a hot ass mess.
The picture above is what I would like my closet to look like…but I highly doubt I have the skill to keep it that way. The pants would go where the jackets are, the shirts and the skirts would be in the same section…. it would be a mess; much like my current closet situation.


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