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Lately I’ve noticed that I have a lot of misplaced anger . I know that it comes from having a low tolerance with people and pretty much all situations because I don’t feel well and I’m in pain, and I’m frustrated with my body and my overall situation.

For example Q  (let’s just call them that….) wrote on Facebook about how they had made their walking goal (Fucking fantastic for you!! See there I go again…) Honestly it’s great that YOU set a goal and where able to make it. I’m happy for 0. So why am I annoyed? why is it that when I saw it on Facebook I got seriously pissed and instantly wanted to unfriend you? Was it Prednisone rage? Maybe. Jealousy? Maybe. Misplaced Anger? For sure!

Here is a classic case of it’s not YOU it’s ME. I’m not mad at Q, not in the very least. That post, her victory, was a small, but annoying (and on that day slightly painful) reminder that I couldn’t do it because I was having a bad week (which seems to be happening more frequently ) and I couldn’t do the things that I wanted to.

I was never mad at Q. I was mad at myself . And we all know that’s it easier to be mad at someone else isn’t being mad at yourself. It sucks, but it’s true.


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