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A wind came up out of the sea,

And said, “O mists, make room for me.”

It hailed the ships, and cried, “Sail on,

Ye mariners, the night is gone.”

And hurried landward far away,

Crying, “Awake! it is the day.”

It said unto the forest, “Shout!

Hang all your leafy banners out!”

It touched the wood-bird’s folded wing,

And said, “O bird, awake and sing.”

And o’er the farms, “O chanticleer,

Your clarion blow; the day is near.”

It whispered to the fields of corn,

“Bow down, and hail the coming morn.”

It shouted through the belfry-tower,

“Awake, O bell! proclaim the hour.”

It crossed the churchyard with a sigh,

And said, “Not yet! in quiet lie.”

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Two weeks is a long time to be “radio silent” but unfortunately I was in apparently I have (its getting much better) a pinched never and it was extremely painful. My back and neck where in immense pain and my arms and legs were numb 80% of the time. Sitting up and holding my head up felt like it was too much, so I spent the majority of the time in bed, and drugged out of my mind. When I was awake I knitted, and while I was knitting I was either super pissy or on the verge of tears. Two weeks is too long to be awake from my blog and even though I’m not 100% I’m back!  So let’s get started with this prompt for today!

Writing Prompt: Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.(Nerve)



So I guess this will be a continuation of what I was writing about before… something that I realized while dealing with this pinched nerve is that I have a higher pain tolerance than what people expect, guess that’s what happens when you are chronically ill person who experiences what I call a low buzz of pain on the  daily basis, it’s really got to be something for me to be considered “in pain”. Nerves are a funny thing, the real ones and the imaginary ones too, cause while the ones in my body where going haywire, my “imaginary nerves were going bonkers are well… cause everyone was getting on them..

My cat got on my last nerves, she wanted to lay on me, which I know she was probably trying to be comforting, but she only made me hurt more, and because I couldn’t ‘t get comfortable, even high as a kite on pain meds I would be up all night tossing and turning, while she’s laying in the middle of my bed, belly up to the sky, knocked out like it was the best sleep ever. My brother got on my nerves, because just when I would fall asleep, it would be the time that he would turn his anime up loud and it would wake me up…..

One thing I did learn the past two weeks, pain makes you humble. As I laid in my bed and thought about all the things I couldn’t do I realized that the my brother and my cat.. they annoyed the hell out of me, but they were there, My brother would run to my room when I was crying because I needed to get out of bed to pee, and my cat escorted me to the bathroom each and every time, waited for me, walked me back to my bed, then waited until I was settled to lay next to me.

So my take away for the past two weeks is NERVES, real or imaginary will get you every time.


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