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I for sure think that being sentimental has allowed me to hold on to things and to relationships longer than I should have. The other day I was laying in my bed and I realized, “I got too much crap”…. like seriously. Why do I own so much useless stuff It’s starting with my closet…if I haven’t worn it in a year, despite how cute it is no matter how many times I’ve worn it, no matter what size, if I haven’t worn it in a year it’s going to the “Donate” pile.  Now I have to go through my shoes (Which probably be this weekend.

Also DVD’s and CD’s are getting donated. Each and every DVD I brought because I liked the movie, but with Hulu, Netflix, Redbox do I really need the 200+ DVD’s cluttering up my space? I just need to make sure that each DVD is actually in the case, I’m asking everyone to wish me luck’ cause I might get a little sentimental and decide I want to keep this and keep that… then this whole spring cleaning will me for naught

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