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So last year I spontaneously stopped watching television…. there were several reasons, one was the medication that I was taking at the time made it difficult to concentrate, then there was this sensory overload situation; and I found myself closing my eyes and listening to the television, after a few times of doing that I just turned it off… It didn’t help that the shows that I enjoyed kept getting canceled, or I begin to lose interest in and I turned my television off with the thought that “if I really, really wanted to watch it I would catch it on Hulu.

Fast forward to a year later, I turned my television back on, only because I thought that I should finish what I started,(even though I didn’t watch any of season 5 ) and watch the final season of Downton Abbey, so my television is only on on Sundays, and I do watch Hulu, I watch the show Telenovela which really isn’t the kind of show that I enjoy, but I think it’s hilarious, and I don’t watch it every week, sometimes I miss a week or two and just catch up since the show is only 30 minutes long.

And as I write this it occurred to me that tonight is the series finale of Downton, so I guess my television will be unplugged yet again…. While not watching television this is what I realized it. I don’t miss it, there is nothing that is on television that I can’t find out through the computer….

Just the other day I was speaking to my great-aunt on the phone, she frequently calls me and asks, “Tyra, did you see that product on the TV? I want you to order that for me” I have to remind her that I don’t watch television, and second I have to remind he that I’m not a mind reader, there are a lot of products on television, I need her to be specific….. Well the other day I guess she finally had it with me not knowing what she was talking about she declared, “That’s why you don’t know nothing, cause you don’t watch TV.!” Now this is an old lady, so I just took it and agreed…..(while laughing my butt off on the inside)
She went on to say, “I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, you come from a long line of people who enjoy sitting down and watching TV” and when she said that a light came on. I do watch television, I watch it when I’m at other’s people’s houses, but I don’t want to me one of those people who just sits down all day long watching television, I did that before, I also ballooned up to 300 pounds…cause all I did was eat and watch TV. I like reading, I like going for walks outside, I like knitting, and sometimes before I drifted off to bed I will watch my favorite Korean variety shows on my tablet. But I will not sit for hours and hours staring at the TV.


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