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Recently I have been thinking about my friendships with people pretty much taking a life inventory… I try to do that a every year. I have really been harping on some friendships that have ended, and trying to figure out why and how they because the way they did. And for the first time I have  taken blame in my part for the demise of those friendships.

I have always felt like people come into your life for a reason, and sometimes when they leave if that “reason” is over or resolved. But Facebook can be a bitch sometimes…. because those people who are no longer my Friends and still Facebook “friends”

I look back now and realize that if we were to every cross paths again we could never be friends, not because I’m being bitchy, or because I’m holding on to a grudge, but time has passed and I’ve grown up, I’ve grown more aware of what I need in my life, and the holes that were left when our friendship was broken is not filled with something else; maybe something better, something more beneficial, something more lasting and substantial.. I will cherish those times and those friendships…. and I now longer see a divide now…. I just see memories… and that’s okay.

And about those Facebook “friends” I haven’t unfriended them yet… but I have unfollowed them.

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