25 Random Things About Tyra



Here are a few things in no particular order.

So this is the 2nd in the series of stuff I wrote on Facebook Notes, that I found amusing…. this was originally written in 2009 and I wanted to see if anything had changed…. recent comments will be in red…. enjoy a little randomness….
1.) I left my heart… and all of my belongings in Las Vegas. (I did, but my heart is here in Chicago, Las Vegas was nice, but it’s nice being closer to my family)
2.) The man I’m seeing I’ve known since I was 14 and is also an ex (does that make that a double negative)…? (Well now he’s a double ex)
3.) I can’t stand being in a house alone at night. (It’s not that I feel unsafe…. but I always hear every single sound and it slightly freaks me out. )
4.) I always wonder what people’s first impression of me is. (Thank goodness, I got over that nonsense…. what’s the saying, “What you think of me is non of my business” I can care less what people think of me,)
5.) All of my bestest friends live in other states…. (Not so true anymore)
6.) I love to watch stupid people… that’s why I watch reality shows (I always tell people, if you ever want to feel better about your life watch a reality show)
7.) I’m not pregnant… I swear…so stop asking me…. (Ouch, that hurts…. nobody ever asks me if I’m pregnant…maybe because I’ve been too open with my infertility issues)
8.) You find out who your real friends are when you’re lying in a hospital bed thinking your about to die. (Still true…)
9.) I think I’ve lost and gained about 400 pounds in my lifetime ( We can add another 80 or so that I’ve LOST)
10.) I think I cry about something at least once a day… I can’t help it I’m sap (YEP)
11.) I’ve had 3 livers … far more than anyone I know… (3 is my limit……no more liver transplant for Tyra)
12.) I don’t think I’ve had any job that incorporated any of the degrees I’m getting
13.) I confess… I am addicted to Facebook and Pogo ( Now its Facebook and Tumblr)
14.) What in the world possessed me to go back to school for my Ph.D.??? Seriously at 31 you would think I’d have enough of school. (That didn’t exactly work out… several years later, I’m wondering if I have the brain capacity to do it, I love learning but I’m sitting here with a Masters Degree and doing nothing with it, Seriously what’s the point of getting more indebt to pay for yet another degree I probably won’t ever use….. )
15.) Lots of the people I have befriended on Facebook have impacted my life in ways they will never know (yeah….)
16.) I used to imitate people I work with…especially my bosses…doing Donna was the best! (Oh My Goodness, she had this super WASPy New England accent….)
17.) There are a lot of people planning to come and visit me over the next three or four months…(Please I no longer liver in an exciting place, no one is coming to visit me)
18.) I used to belly dance… it’s really fun and entertaining…(It was fun, and as soon as I find another class I’m taking it… it’s excellent for the core)
19.) I’m afraid large bodies of water (See that’s the weird thing, I love the water, I find it very relaxing and centering, but at the same time I respect and fear it. I’m not a strong swimmer and I know that if I get distracted it will sweep me away… and I don’t want to die due to drowning)
20.) My favorite show on TV is Lost…. (Even after all this time, that show has left me f*cked up)
21.) I don’t say, “I Love You” nearly enough to the people I love (I say it all the time, it’s important to me, if they died tomorrow I want to know that they knew that I loved them. People always know unless you tell them…. so I do.)
22.) I get up and pee at least 4 times every night… which is probably why I don’t get a lot of sleep. (YES, this is still true…)
23.) I am so proud of my two younger brothers… they have turned into such fantastic men. (One is, well he’s okay, he’s in the awkward ManChild phase…. and it’s time for him to man up, and the other one will be a father this summer )
24.) I want to go back to Puerto Rico… who wants to come with me??
25.) I’ve lost and gained a lot of friends, but the ones that left weren’t here to stay and only made room for the ones who did.. (I think that will remain true for the rest of my life)

Until Next Time,

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