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Writing Prompt: Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?






My first name Tyra, for a long time I didn’t think fit me, and it was not until I was older I understood why. I ALWAYS felt like my name should have been something else, something like Stephanie (FUN FACT: My name was supposed to BE Stephanie, my mom really loved the name, she loved it so much she ended up giving my brother the  middle name Stephen) My mother named me after my father (Who’s name is Tyrone), and since our relationship since practically the beginning of my life has been turbulent and non existent was a reminder and another connection to him.

While growing up I always felt my name was rather unique, I never met or even heard of another person named Tyra, until I got to middle school and I heard of this model named Tyra; which was a fluke, okay there were like two of us…Then I got to high  school and there were two other Tyra’s in the school….Oh My God! The number is increasing…. then I learned that there is an actress named Tyra; so what the count is now 5 Tyra’s

And one day I was just lying around and wondering what my name meant (God of Battle…. I swear that fits) and in my search found a Danish Princess

USAGE: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Meaning & History
From the Old Norse name Þýri, a variant of the Norse names ÞÓRVÍ or ÞÓRVEIG.
VARIANTS: Thyra (Swedish), Thyra (Norwegian), Thyra (Danish)

Urban Dictionary had a kick ass entry for my name as well, “Addictive & alluring. Intelligent & wise. Sweet & sassy. Sophisticated & classy. Fascinating, sexy, goal-oriented and self motivated. Can pull through anything and come out on top. Has the ability be rich one day.”


In the end I learned to love my name, in the end I think it fits me perfectly, I;m proud to be Tyra, I still think it’s a unique name, and let’s face it, there are a lot less Tyra’s in the world than Stephanie’s. Besides Tyra in any language is pretty.

泰拉 , タイラ,

تايرا , טיירה

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