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Insomnia, the latest album by Tyra, multi-talented superstar currently appearing in the drama, “You Are Forreal, This is My Life?!” is not afraid to be as flashy, daring and intense as she was on the three acclaimed albums she’s released since 2012.

…it should be mentioned that her works with guest appearance by her feline companion Tsuki ultimately resulting in a cohesive, satisfying, fat-free full-length. Her prowess is evident not only in hher dizzying lines (“I’m getting some sleep tonighte, /I;m going to bed early/Don’t care what nobody say, she say we inseparable/me and my pillow, it’s not a replica”), but in the way her melodic flow glides so naturally, to a point where lyrics can have the sing-song feel of a hook, and a sung chorus can have the swagger of a rap

Songs on the Album Include:

  • It’s 5am, Should I Just Get Out Bed?
  • Wait, It’s What Time?
  • Why Am I Still Awake (Title Track)
  • Coffee, my lover. Coffee, My Best Friend
  • Tsuki, I Just Went To Bed, Now You Want To Be Fed!


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