Ring Dong Ding


This Is Your Song: Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post.





One day a south Korean idol group was sitting around a table trying to figure out  what to title a song, they figured it had a catchy beat and people would like it, but to only come up with a title that would catch people’s attention… I know, I got it ..let’s call it Ring Dong Ding!!! (Okay so that only happened in my mind, actually someone else wrote the song)

So I recently started using songs on my playlist as the music for my alarm, so for the past two days Ring Ding Dong has been waking me up, and it get’s me pumped for the day (well it didn’t work I Ring Ding Dong’d my way back to bed where I stayed all day).

Let’s me honest I’m a fan of the Auto-Tune,,,, no seriously I love it, probably one of the main reason’s why I have no problems turning up Believe or I Wanna Be You Man (why is all the music I lile slightly cringe-worthy.. ugh!!)

I don’t really have a connection to the song, I just like it, it makes me feel good and it’s totally ridiculous,…. just look at the video )(the hair!! THE HAIR!!!.. )


And you’re probably saying, I don’t understand what they are saying, no worries, I got that covered for you.. but I sometimes it’s better to just enjoy the music cause 90% of the time I’m wondering why someone would write a song about THAT (most K-pop songs make no sense to me once they have been translated to English)

I mean I’m not a cool guy
Not a kind guy, not a guy like that but about to be
I’m a decent bad boy



Until Next Time… Ring Ding Dong,

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