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Writing Prompt: Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?





There are three that come to mind. And all of them come from movies…



The first one is “Eat The Cake Anna Mae”. Here’s the thing I’m the kick of person who considers herself a tad adventurous, over the years I’m encompassed the motto, I’ll try anything once ….but that’s only for food, my mother isn’t the same… she like what she likes and she’s not gonna go any further than that…. new food is like a stranger to her, she doesn’t trust it, and she need a good recommendation for at least 3 people she trusts before she tries it. Case in point… Yesterday we were at World Market and I purchased Red Bean Mochi, which I got because I thought the taste would be a bit more familiar to her than Taro. Now when we were in the store she actually asked to try them…. then she asked again when we got back to her house…. she tried it… and spit it out…. more than likely it was the texture, it can be a bit off putting your first time. I asked her to try it again…. and refused… I asked a bit more strongly…. I picked up the Mochi and said, “Eat The Cake Anna Mae” ,she refused again…. Fine, you wasted a perfectly good Mochi! More for me!!!!


The second one is , “He Don’t Eat No Meat?!…..That’s okay, we’ll have Lamb”. I quote this movie every single day, and I’m beyond excited that there is a sequel coming out soon…

I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat a lot of meat, ever since my liver transplant it seems like my stomach has a had time processing meat, so I don’t eat it that often….usually around the holidays my mom will call my brother and ask my brother and I if there is anything special we would like to have. I’m usually, “Whatever you make is fine” because if there is something that I don’t like I simply won’t eat it… I usually eat the sides anyway… or things that don’t have meat in them. This year I was craving lasagna (my mom only makes it around Christmas time) and my brother always asks for it…. so this year I requested a meat-less version…. if you read the above paragraph then you know not only was the request shocking, I think it nearly friend her brain….. needless to say we had lasagna with meat in it….. but in my mother defense you did what she felt was a compromise and used Italian sausage instead….. riiiiigggghhhhhtttt.



One the rare occasion that I’m out shopping (I prefer online… because I find looking for clothes both frustrating and tiring) and I find something that I like, but after closer inspection it’s not what I thought it was I will usually say, “It’s not even real leather!” Which in my world means, Why the hell am I gonna pay all this money for this crap…..

See really you can use a quote in everyday life……and just add them into everyday conversation and most people won’t even know the y came from movies


Until Next Time,

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