Phobia, Shmobia



Writing Prompt: Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?




When I was younger the biggest fear in my life was mice, I hated them; and they induced this all encompassing fear that seized by body; as an adult I can look back and say that maybe that fear was exacerbated by the fact that my mother feared mice and I simply thought that was the normal. Fears can sometimes go away when you are forced to face them. Nothing makes you braver than seeing the object of your fear laying dead in the shoes you were going to wear to school that morning, (I guess I can thank my cat for that one)..or the fact that I slipped my foot in said shoe without looking first.. YUCK!

In that moment several things came to mind:

  1. Get rid of the cat…. why would my beloved Skittles leave a mice in my shoe, clearly this cat is evil and must be removed (I read up on cat behavior later, still didn’t make me feel all that better)
  2. Disinfect my foot… my socked foot touched a dead mice…. isn’t this how the Black Plague started?
  3. Burn my shoes….
  4. Burn the house down
  5. Run screaming

After realizing that I couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes and there was no way I was could justify burning down, I ran around the house screaming and crying, I was the only one there and clearly it was up to me to resolve this problem, So with all the bravery the high school version of myself could muster, I grabbed the shoe and quickly disposed the offending object (all the while my cat Skittles was following me; she was probably wondering why I was getting rid of her “gift”  After that incident I felt brave, I felt like I had conquered by fear and I also never wore those shoes again….

And although I don’t like mice (just recently I mistook Tsuki’s tail for a mice… with was moving so fast and I saw it in the corner of my eye, and freaked out, it wasn’t until a few seconds later I got the courage to look again when I realized it was my cat) I think I can safely say that I do not have a phobia of them, I may freak out for a little bit it doesn’t cripple me, so I think that makes me pretty “normal”

Until Next Time ,

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