What I Ate Wednesday: That Little Hole in the Wall Diner





I went out for a super early lake front walk with my cousin and the plan was to grab breakfast after so I just had something because I knew I had to so I grabbed a peach and went on my way. Breakfast was 0 points





Because things never really turn out the way that you plan, Breakfast became lunch… and we ate at this hole in the wall diner that is like the size of my bedroom and had lunch, I was craving eggs (which seems to be the normal these days)  Lunch was 27 points (not sure how accurate that is, but I would rather go over in my points assumption that to guess to little)





II knew I had pretty much eaten up all of my points/ and calories at lunch so I went for something quick and simple, left over white rice and roasted seaweed, with a side of diet coke. Dinner was 8 points





My general caloric intake is 1200 calories per day, and today I went over my goal (what else is new?)by consuming 1,766 calories. Thank goodness for some physical activity I was able to “bump” that down to 1,395 calories.

I have 34 points  a day that I can consume, I ate all of those at used 4 of my Weekly Points, so it really wasn’t that bad. I “earned” some activity points, but didn’t calculate them that day because I was still upset that my FitBit was broken.12








The rule of thumb is that you are supposed to drink at least 8 and today I was able to get 8 cups, and lately that has been difficult for me to get in.


Speaking of water, if you are having a hard time getting your water in I would suggest this cute like app called Plant Nanny it’s available for IPhone and Andriod

And that my friends is What I Ate this Wednesday Sunday; be sure to follow me MyFitnessPal or of you are doing Weight Watchers  or FitBit friend me there as well I’m TRJENKINS77

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Writing Prompt: Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one



Recently I was talking to a family member about her wanted to reestablish a friendship with someone who she hadn’t been in contact with for 20 years. Talk with her about this brought of some things that I wasn’t sure (at the time) that I was ready to explore. But like she says, “when the Lord is working on you, he might be working on someone else too”. For a while now I had been thinking about past relationships and past friendships and how they ended and how they ended. For the most part I’m not happy with the way some of the friendships ended, the two that I’m thinking of basically ended in arguments and steamed from miscommunication, One I regret and realize now that I handled with very badly, the other (I might have handled it badly) but the demise of that friendship was a long time coming and something that had to be done for my mental well being.

My mom always says, “there’s a reason and a season” I’ve always felt that people come into your life for a reason. I honestly believe that we all are on a personal journey (we go on many of them through out of lifetimes) and we meet people who enhance those journeys, people who teach of us lessons through friendship, and even through betrayal and heartbreak.  And we grow from those lessons and they make us become better people and we continue on our journey and sometimes the cycle repeats.

I’m grateful for the people that I’ve met along the way, and at this point in my life I’m grateful to know that I have the ability to recognize and remove toxic people and relationships from my life. I’ve had a lot of people call my a bitch; that may be true, but I’m happy being a bitch if that means, that I refuse tolerate bullshit from anyone and only allow people who are being positivity to my life.

Everyone’s journey is different, I’m happy that mine is making me a stronger, happier person.

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