Decisions, Decisions




Writing Prompt: How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?



I am an over thinker, and no matter what I say I will always play it safe, so I will think of every conceivable outcome and scenario before I make my mind up. I used to ask my mom about what she thought I should do and she would say something like, “You already know what you should do”….. what is that crap? I’m seriously asking you to tell me what I should do…. and as a mother you should be happy to do just that…. 10 years earlier she wouldn’t have had a issue with telling me what I should do.

As annoying as that may be she is usually right (damn it mother!!). I do know what I should do.  And more often than not it’s the very first decision (my gut decision) that I make, but because I’m “playing it safe” the over thinking comes into  play.

I’m truly working on the “over thinking” thing… as I get older I am finding that I am just wasting time, 90 percent of the time I go with my gut feeling anyway……



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