Your Life, the Book



Writing Prompt: From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?



Before you ask the title of my book would be: “WHAT THE FU*K?! – The Chronic Misadventures of a Spoonie “

I have a “special brand of humor, snark, sass, whatever you might call it, I unfortunately can sometimes be blunt to the point of hurting someone’s feelings so I’m gonna need someone who understands that, better yet someone who’s like that unfortunately I haven’t meet too many people like that in my life, but when I find them I cherish them like mythical unicorns. And one such unicorn is my friend Kayly who gives zero fucks, tells you like it is and is passionate about her causes, and would totally use the word fuck appropriately and often.

Although I’m not sure she would want to want to; cause I believe she’s working on her own project, but I will defiantly keep her in mind. But I’m a firm believer that snarky, bitchy, opinionated (spoonie) women should stick together!


Until Next Time

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