Not Everyone Can Be A Prima Ballerina

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What we get when we DON’T get what we wanted…

Written by Wendy Keller, not a prima ballerina

Has your life turned out the way you’d hoped? Or somewhere along the path, did you take a fork in the road and it ended up sticking you in the gut?

Yeah, that’s pretty typical.

One of my brothers called me last weekend, really annoyed that yet another law enforcement department in his state turned down his job application. Last year, around his 43rd birthday, he decided he wants to be a cop.  Problem is, most agencies limit applicants to 38 or younger. This is the fifth time he’s been refused. I am the big sister, so I said, “Well, it’s too late for me to become a prima ballerina, too.  That’s sad.  So what will you do now?”

If you don’t get what you wanted, what do you have?  You have…

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Some Thoughts on Harriet Tubman’s 20 Dollar Bill

Black Millennials

Black Twitter is aflame with mixed reactions to the idea of Harriet Tubman being on the $20 bill. Here’s my thoughts.

The petition was launched by Women on 20s, a nonprofit grassroots organization committed to promoting gender diversity on paper currency. In a 10-week online poll, hundreds of thousands of people voted for which female leader they wanted to see represented on the $20 bill. Harriet Tubman, the revolutionary leader of the Underground Railroad, won with 118,328 votes.

Famed génocidaire President Andrew Jackson is currently featured on the bill.

The whole campaign feels very white-feministy. A quick look at the leadership cemented my initial feelings. Prime among the decision-makers is Sofia, a 9-year-old Junior Ambassador who, despite a precocious political imagination, lacks the necessary worldview to fully consider how placing women — especially Black slave women — on paper currency comes across.

The ironic realities are too strong to ignore. Harriet…

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When Teaching Goes Beyond Theory

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The picture says it all! This story just makes you believe in humanity again. Read the short but powerful story below. This was originally posted on Imgur.


“So one of the students came with her kid, because she didn’t have a babysitter. The kid starts to cry in the middle of the class, so his mom, all embarrassed gets up to leave, and the professor took the kid from her, calmed him and continued teaching.”

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Rx: Writing as Medicine

The Daily Post

There are days when life just feels hard, and even simple, day-to-day tasks weigh me down.

Case in point: this morning, making breakfast for my household felt like a Sisyphean task. Instead of being punished by the Greek gods to infinitely fulfill the futile task of rolling a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down the other side, I made what felt like the millionth bowl of oatmeal in my lifetime. Like Sisyphus, ruefully watching that giant rock speed back down the hill, as breakfast was gobbled, I knew full-well that there will be no end to the bowls of oatmeal I’ll cook in the future.

Keep an eye on your inboxes folks, invitations to my pity party will be sent out soon.

“Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
― Margaret Mitchell

“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more…

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