3 Steps To Heal A Broken Heart

Positive Outlooks

How to Get Over Getting Dumped by Someone You Love

by Wendy Keller

I had dinner recently with a girlfriend whose boyfriend of 2.5 years just dumped her. To her, the decision was completely out of the blue. Now she’s wondering if he’s already with someone else. (I doubt it.) She wishes he would just tell her why. (He has.) She asks me when she’ll stop crying. (No one knows, but likely sooner than she thinks.)

In the early stages of being dumped, the only thing you can do is pour over your feelings. Talk about it to friends. Write about your feelings. Go through the roller coaster. Cry a lot. Express grief, sadness, anger, confusion – all that stuff. That’s normal. That’s healthy. But the key word… in that string of typical reactions is “grief.”broken-heart-with-staples

Losing someone you love is like a death, except you know that person is…

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