How Many Rednecks Does It Take to Convince White America That Racism is Real?

Black Millennials

Like many, I watched the viral video of a former racist and self-proclaimed “redneck” denouncing white supremacy and racism. His words checked every anti-racist box: as a white male, he spoke exclusively to white folk to change their systems of institutional racism, while reprehending colorblindness as a fiction meant to reinforce white supremacy. He detailed white privilege, and how, despite class rank, all white people benefit from a country built on maintaining white racial hierarchy. And he demanded that white folk don’t get defensive — that the excuses are wearing thin.

Warning: This video contains profanity. 

His video is featured on media outlets with wide viewership like Upworthy, and is approaching 400,000 views on YouTube. The video is popping up on my personal social media feeds, with comments praising his “courage.” And many of my friends personally reached out and asked for my thoughts.

So here goes.

I always say that the role of the white…

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