The Man Who Chose Happiness

Positive Outlooks

Written by Justin Gammill

[Some adult language were used in this article. We believe these words are an integral part of the story. Hope you enjoy reading like we did! — Positive Outlooks Blog Team]

justin Writer / Blogger. As a full-time Texan and a part-time mountain man, Justin believes that a man does not grow a beard, but that a beard grows a man…whatever that means.

I’ve struggled my whole life with the concept of happiness, sometimes more than others. Happiness is such a purely situational condition that it is sometimes as fleeting as it is elusive. Any time I get on to pondering about happiness and how to find my own, I think back to an experience from about 10 years ago…

At the time I was living in San Antonio and had an entire group of friends that were either in the military or worked for one of…

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