Hello, Goldilocks!



Writing Prompt: Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”




Let’s be clear, every person of size, over weight person, fat person (what ever you prefer) is a freakin’ Goldilocks. For me it’s the most apparent during weight loss and the trying to find jeans. Jeans are Evil, they have the ability to give you great joy, and they can totally make you cry….. in the same day. I think I currently own around tem pairs of jeans (and we are just talking about the blue ones). there are some that are way too big (I’m not sure what I still have them, I don’t ever plan on wearing them again, maybe as a trophy. who knows), then there are the ones who are too little, and I keep them around and try them on ever once and a while just to see how much more weight I have to lose before I can wear them, then there are the magical 4 pairs that fit just right, you know the jeans I’m talking about. the ones that make your thighs looks smaller and you butt look better, the ones that doesn’t seem like they are gonna squeeze the life force out of you if you have a large lunch…those jeans. Cause Lord knows there is nothing in the worst than too tight jeans

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