Racist Frat Boy is Sorry and Still Racist

Black Millennials

I tweeted this with the expectation that an apology was forthcoming. Because that’s what crisis managers, publicists, and other Olivia Pope-types tell the subjects of shame to do when their shame goes viral.

So when Levi Pettit stood center stage while the Oklahoma City Black Establishment nodded encouragingly, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. He’s “sorry.” He’s seen the error of his ways. The magical Black seraphs from the Good Ole Days took this lost, downtrodden, impressionable kid and made him a beacon of racial harmony.

Except, I’m not buying it. He’s not sorry he used a racial slur and subsequently traumatized Black bodies across the country. He’s sorry that he, himself, is associated with this viral racist scandal. He’s sorry that he got expelled, and is facing the consequences of…

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