Writing Prompt: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?


I’m going to pick a place where few people have ever gone…..inside my heart (how’s that for being poetic?)

Inside My Heart

Inside my heart, I love you
With a love that shines so deep,
So I will say I will love you forever
And forever, your love I shall keep.
I will love you when I stand alone
I will love you like no one else
I will love you till the day I die
I will love you more than myself.
Inside my heart, there is only you
In my eyes, your all they see
So for you I will do all I can
And those words you can always believe.
I will give you all that I do own,
I will give you all that you do wish
I will give you all that you need
And all I ask, is a simple kiss.
Inside my heart, it beats alone
With a beat that only I can hear,
And when you wish, or when you hope
It knows, that you are standing near.
I love you, so I must give all,
That stands for all tomorrows and today’s,
So ask what you want, it I will give
And remember, I will love you; always
–  Randy L. McClave



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