#WakeUpAndHearMe: Powerful Tweets about Racism on College Campuses

Black Millennials

Being a Black student is difficult. Historically, colleges and universities were the epicenter of white supremacist capitalist frameworks explicitly designed to repress and restrict the educational and socioeconomic growth of the Black community. Today, that embedded legacy is still in tact, with limited and myopic approaches to “diversity” (read: tokenizing), and routine microaggressions that further divide and alienate a community already underrepresented in the administration offices and classrooms alike.

Being a Black body in such an aggressive and culturally violent environment is an exhaustive amount of emotional and intellectual labor. Students at Washington State University took to Twitter to raise awareness about their experiences on campus. The hashtag #WakeUpAndHearMe delivered profound truths.

At it’s core, #WakeUpAndHearMe is a call to action. Wake Up: be mindful of the experiences of Black students, especially those…

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