Buffalo Nickel



Writing Prompt: Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?


Despite the fact that I own a coin purse, there is always change at the bottom of my purse, so that’s where I went searching for my treasured coin, and what I came up with with was 1991 Penny….

So what was I doing back in 1991?  During the 1990-1991 (Dear God I’m showing m age here) I was  freshman at Milwaukee High School of the Arts I was a music major (I played viola in the orchestra) and the day that we returned from Spring Break I asked to go to the attendance office because I suspected that I had the chicken pox (apparently there had been an outbreak  at the school, and I had noticed a weird bump on my hand and another on my scalp and I was seriously starting to freak out)

Long story short I had the “super” chicken pox.  I was out of school for over 6 weeks, my mom went to school and picked up (and dropped off) my class work. I passed every class except Algebra…ugh! I gave both my younger brothers and my cousin (who was visiting ) the chicken pox, it was really one of the most miserable experiences of my life.  When I returned to school nearly 7 weeks later I walked into my Spanish class (I had it 1st period) everyone looked at me like I was a ghost, apparently I had been gone for so long people thought I died.

So long story short 1991 was the year that I got the Chicken Pox

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Music Monday: Wasted on You


Back in the comfort of my own home, Music Monday continues. What I’ll do is go to my iTunes and randomly pick a song and tell my dear readers why it’s in my collection and why I like it…. this should be pretty interesting since I have a pretty eclectic collection of music….

This week the random song seemed fortuitous since this came in m email a few days ago, They always seem to visit Chicago during the warmer months…and the last time I saw them was when they toured as NKOTBSB (which in my opinion was EPIC!)


“Wasted On You” comes from NKOTSB’s sixth album 10. Not gonna lie, I purchased the album soon after it came out, but after hearing their first single Remix (I Like The) I was like screw that mess, and didn’t’ listen to it was at least 6 months (that’s how made I hated that single). The album is pretty much hit or miss in my opinion, but this song along with “Fighting Gravity” and “We Own The Night” are songs that I consider standouts (and frankly should have been singles).

I tend to like songs that I can find a connection to and boy does this one make a connection…. talk about finally breaking away from someone who is toxic and no good for you…..there is nothing worst than waisting your time, energy and love on someone who doesn’t deserve it.

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