No Thanks


No, Thanks: Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

I always say that I never want to be hospitalized again, super duper ironic since I’m writing this on my phone in the Transplant ICU unit…ugh.

Let’s be honest, no one likes to be in the hospital,  and you’re only there if you need to… but I would like to be at the be at the point where hospitalizations, is a suggestion and not a life or death situation.  But those who know me tend to understand me and my flair for the dramatic.


Last Tuesday I had a stitch granuloma and debridement . In the grand scheme of  things is was minor 15 minute procedure and want home a few hours later, what I didn’t b expect  was top wake up Thursday morning soaked in blood and rushed to my local ER.


After 8 units (so far) of blood and blood products) and another surgery In glad and pissed that I’m here.  The goal was b top be hospital  free in 2015. That goal was completely shot out  the  water….. how about this be the last hospitalization of the year … that I can do.


Until Next Time

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2 thoughts on “No Thanks

  1. Oh my gosh! Tyra, how scary for you!!! I’m so sorry you and your poor body have been through the ringer this week 😦
    What a horrifying ordeal. I HATE HATE HATE hospitals and I completely understand you despising hospitals, although I know for different reasons. I’m sorry you are mad you are there, but I hope you can rest so you are out of there ASAP. Then, hopefully you can start your 2015 resolution over again. Sending you hugs. xoxo


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