Music Monday : A.D.T.O.Y

I always say that music is everything to me, so for the next couple of weeks I’m gonna do something a little different.. Music Monday’s. What I’ll do is go to my itunes and randomly pick a song and tell my dear readers why it’s in my collection and why I like it…. this should be pretty interesting since I have a pretty eclectic collection of music….

This week’s random music pick is 2pm’s A.D.T.O.Y (All Day Think of You)



So well over a year ago I started watching “We Got Married” on Hulu and it was the Global Edition season with Teac and Gui Gui and I thought that he was adorably cute  so I was curious about the group, then a few weeks later I was at my parents house and was looking around on the video channel and this video popped up, when I first saw it, I had the very same feeling I got when I saw Backstreet Boys, “Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart” . I saw the video and I didn’t understand a word of what they were saying, but I still loved the song. (This song is what threw me down to rabbit hole that is K-Pop)

I went home and downloaded the song… and played it ALL the time, and loved it, and I love it to this day… it really is one of my all-time favorite songs, and the video is super hot.

Wooyoung is shirtless, Teacyeon is rocking the leather pants, Minjun’s Jawline…. The Buttdance… but let’s not be hasty… there are things that I don’t enjoy about this video. I don’t understand Junho’s shorts (that man has one of the best booty’s around) and Wooyoung excessive use of hair gel is a distracting ..seriously it shouldn’t be that shiny…

As far as I’m concerned this song is perfection and the video is perfection. They all look good… and to say that I listen to this song at least twice a day would not be an over exaggeration…

In closing I say this… when 4 out of 6 of the members pose for Men’s Health I have to ask myself…What are you Jun bros waiting for? Seriously……



I still super pissed that I missed out on there concert here in Chicago …ugh!


Until Next Time….

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Image Search




Writing Prompt: Pick a random word and do Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.


The word I searched was Laughter

a little boy laughs brightly

everyone stops to look at him

the world seems better


Until Next Time

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