Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers–Week 17, 18, 19 and 20



Week 17: This week we continued to talk about portion sizes and eating on schedule. Since I decided to lose weight eating on schedule is essential to my success, when I’m going to be out for the day, I’m taking my lunch and my snacks with me, I ALWAYS have something, so those Hangry moments become few and far between.  I lost 3 pounds

Week 18: This was a tough week for me food wise, my doctor put me back on prednisone and I immediately started to feel hungry ALL THE TIME. And I ate everything… EVERYTHING. Because Prednisone is known to cause weight gain I considered leaving Weight Watchers.. but everyone said stick with it. so I did .I gained 1.8 pounds

Week 19: Week 2 on the dreaded Prednisone, I became more conscious of what I was eating but I tried to make better choices in what I put in my mouth, I went to the meeting feel super fat and bloated and was expecting another gain since my mouth was an open door was pleasantly surprised that I lost 2.4 pounds

Since I am back from my blogging hiatus it’s time to start fresh.

Saturday I went to Weight Watchers (with my mom) two members who had success on the program came to speak, one women lost 200 pounds on the program, and the other close to 40. What I found most surprising is despite the pound difference their stories were similar. Listening to these women I realized something I have been paying way to much attention to the “big picture” when I need to start paying attention to the now. One of the speakers (Veronica) said something that really hit home.  No matter how much weight you have to lose, you only need to lose one pound this week… When you stop looking at the big picture and thinking wow, I need to lose 40 pounds or whatever you need to lose and say, I need to lose 1 pound… it makes it more manageable.


Today I woke up to snow…. a lot of it. So I knew that I had to get up early but I didn’t plan on doing some serious shoveling before my Weight Watchers meeting (I’ve called it my “last chance workout”) Incidentally when I came back from my meeting I had to shovel again… it’s still snowing and won’t stop until early in the morning …. Yay Winter.


I was so happy when I got to the meeting (actually I was happy that they were open) I was feeling pretty good, my week was average and no hiccups as far as eating was concerned…. I get on the scale and I see that I have gained 2 pounds and instead of being upset about the gain I remembered that I have my menstrual cycle and that’s probably where the weight comes from… no biggie. Although I a on a serious roller coaster the same dang two pounds…. lost and gained.

Which more than likely means that I’m gonna need a jump start my body..which brings me into this weeks meeting topic “Move It, Love It” Finding ways to incorporate exercise into your life without feeling the burden to workout

Now lets me honest I have a gym membership, but it’s been a while since I’ve been to the gym. I actually enjoy working out at home. For the past several weeks I’ve been doing what I like to call purposeful movement.  You know those little things, “Walking to the mailbox (which is about 4-5 blocks from my house) instead of driving…. go down every single aisle of the grocery store… parking further and believe it or not those little things add up do you 30minutes a day (daily recommended exercise). I will be honest and say that the FitBit has helped me a lot.. it a visual reminder that I HAVE to move. even if it’s just dancing and walking in place. It really has become addicting because every day I want to make sure that when I go to bed I have met ALL of the goals I have set on my FitBit. So days are better than others.


As you can see I still need to hit my step, calorie and mile goal…One thing that I really want to do is water aerobics, so I need to look into that since Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool, so I need to see if the City of Chicago has classes since I would like to start in the spring.

Generally this I end the post with a goal, this week I would like to work on getting my 10,000 steps, going to sleep earlier and developing a meal plan for the rest of the week. I didn’t lose that 1 pounds this week like I wanted to, but that’s okay….there’s always next week


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Until Next Time….

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