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Writing Prompt: We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

I cry all the time, I can watch a commercial and be in tears… as I get older (and I guess more emotional) I tend to cry more. I consider it therapy… seriously. I always tell people the reason why I cry so much is because I cry for a lot of different reasons; mostly frustration; and it I cry I “let it out” instead of holding it in. Just think of it like a bomb. you do less damage if you let the pressure out little by little instead od letting it explode all at once.

To be honest it’s rare that I cry out of happiness, well that’s not true, but it’s been a while; and I think the last time I cried happy tears was when Tsuki’s veterinarian Dr. Robynette called and told me that her biopsy results were negative and she didn’t have a mammary tumor. I was so happy because the odds were not in her favor, and it hadn’t even been a full month since she adopted me.

I did come close on Christmas day this year, my mother received something she had been dreaming about for a long time… a wine refrigerator, and while opening the box she actually thought that it was a large jewelry box…. which I don’t know why she thought that, but when she say the words “Wine Refrigerator” she let out this scream, and started to cry, and there is something about seeing my mother cry (doesn’t matter what the reason is…) I get teary eyed. I did get a little misty, but I didn’t cry.

I’m realizing that I don’t cry enough tears of joy…. I should probably find more things that make me happy…. I’m gonna do that for the new year…. so watch out people, if you see me on the street crying, don’t worry it’s totally normal (for me)

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One thought on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. I have cried quite a bit the last 7 years or so, unfortunately sparked from pain or sadness. So when I read this I started asking myself when the last time I cried out of joy was. I realized I had to think really far back and that’s not good!

    About a month ago my friends told me they are planning a fundraiser for me- and that made me cry. Maybe these tears were not out of happiness, but rather appreciation and gratefulness. But I figure it is close enough 😉

    Now I am going to have to tell my husband that I want tears of a type not caused by grief since there has been plenty of those these last several years. This means he will need to surprise me with something good lol. We will see how that works out!


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