Friend Making Monday: How Was Your Christmas?

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How Was Your Christmas?

1. How was your Christmas? First off I wasn’t in the holiday spirit, and when I woke up Christmas morning I was just like, “I can’t wait for this day to be over” I spent the day and my parents and right after breakfast my step-father got ill and went back to bed. But with us four Christmas was very low-key, I was happy that. This year wasn’t great, but at the end of the day I spent it with my family and that was the most important thing. Now that Christmas is over, now I can start getting irritated with all the Valentine’s Day crap that will be hitting the store in the next few days…. it’s never ending.

2. Did you get any gifts you weren’t exactly happy with or just downright hated? I was very happy with everything that I got this year; but I’m always happy when people give me gifts….

3. Did you get any gifts that you loved? What was your favorite? All of them….the Fitbit, the wireless speaker, the Coach perfume, the new George Forman Grill, and a nifty pair of Cole Haan sunglasses.

CH glasses

4. Did you have a gathering (friends, family, co-workers) to celebrate and eat?  I spent the day with my parents then I went over to my aunt’s house for a few hours to end the night there… nothing out of the ordinary….just family

5. What is your favorite food and/or drink of the season? Although I didn’t have any this year (what’s up with that?) I love having Hot Apple Cider.

6. Do you have any sporting events you like to watch on or around Christmas? I’m generally not a sports fan, but the Bulls were playing the Lakers on Christmas so I watched a little bit of that… let me just say that their holiday uniforms were hideous.


7. Do you go to any tree lightings or trail or lights? Nope, since I wasn’t in the holiday mood this year, I figured just showing up to my parents was all the holiday glee I could muster.

8. Did you ever have your photo taken with Santa as a child?  Yes, who doesn’t have that one picture of themselves in tears on Santa’s La

9. If you have kids, do you take them to get their photo taken with Santa? No kids, but I’m always jealous of people who get pictures of Santa and their dogs…. you can’t do that with cats, it’s such a shame Tsuki is so photogenic.


10. Do you gather at a particular person’s house every year for Christmas, do you rotate who hosts Christmas, or do you just do your own thing? Since 2 out of 3 of my mom’s children are in Chicago we just go to her house for the holidays

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Celestial Seasonings Taste Test


I received the Celestial Seasonings’ Candy Cane Lane Tea  complimentary in my Frosty VoxBox for testing purposes from Influenster . This websites disclosure policy is here:



Here is a bit of a disclaimer before we begin. I generally don’t drink green tea since large amounts will interact with medication that I’m taking, and I’m not a fan of peppermints or candy canes, so this should be a really interesting taste test, but I’m going to be as honest as possible. The sample had two bags in there, but for this test I only used one. I decided to put the tea in a holiday themed mug to heighten the experience.


When I opened the package I was instantly  “assaulted” with a strong peppermint scent; but after the tea is steeped the scent becomes a lot more mellow and as time went by I began to smell more vanilla than anything else.


Not sure if it was me, but this green tea is a little bit darker than what I’m used to seeing, but I’m sure it has to do with the other flavorings that are added in the tea, more specifically  the roasted carob and chicory, cinnamon and black berry leaves.


TASTE : (Tried it  with and without sweetener )

I took a gulp and swirled it in my mouth  letting in a tiny bit of air like you see those professional wine tasters do… not sure if it worked or not, but the tea didn’t taste too bad actually it didn’t really have a very distinct flavor, but give it a few seconds and that peppermint mint hits you with it’s minty after thought

Adding sweetener to the tea didn’t really affect the flavor of it at all… (I used a packet of Splenda)


Overall, considering everything that I said at the beginning of this review I think that I would actually purchase this tea. This would be a nice addition to my collection; I think I would pull it out when I have colds or have an upset stomach (apparently peppermint/candy cane is good when your tummy is upset). I actually think that I might get a box of this along with the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride on my next shopping trip.


Other holiday teas include: Caramel Apple Dream, Cranberry Vanilla Wonderland, Gingerbread Spice, Nutcracker SweetSugar Plum Spice, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride and Sweet Pumpkin Harvest. These teas retail for about $3.39 .




Writing Prompt:

First Post September 9, 2011 “Why The Hell Am I Doing This? (I think at this point I had lost about 5 pounds)


This is me… well virtual me at my current weight 279.6  I’m round, fluffy, basically I’m. fat! You know me, I’m the girl that scopes out the room to count the number of other fatties  .I have rolls where I don’t want them, my thighs rub together, people might mistake me for being pregnant… and when it get’s hot I sweat in places that a person should not sweat. You will not see me running, playing a sport, or wearing a bikini, I prefer to chillax in front of the TV and I do not own a Freak-em dress. I have not been accountable for the things I put in my mouth, I have not been accountable for my fitness…. but all of that changes TODAY! Today I officially ditch the BEFORE.

TODAY I become accountable! TODAY I change! TODAY I become the AFTER!!!!


  • I want to look better naked (don’t you want to look at yourself naked without pointing out every negative thing about your body?)
  • I want to be able to climb the stairs without being winded
  • I want my knees to stop hurting
  • I want to walk into a room without feeling like people are staring at me
  • I want to feel beautiful
  • I want to live longer!

December 29, 2011. Over 500 posts later…

This is me, well virtual me at my current weight of 211 pounds. There are times when I ask myself why the hell am I 2doing this? Let’s be honest I ask myself this every single day. but then I remember where I was in the beginning. I was unhappy and I was fat. Well before we start talking semantics I’m still fat… This blog originally started as a way for me to remain accountable for me weight loss, and for the most par it still is, but I’ve expanded it to things that I find interesting, or just when I feel like there is something I need to say, never in a million years did I still think that I would still be blogging and to be honest I can’t believe that I am still sticking to the whole weight loss thing. So many times I thought that I had it, and every single time I went about my business, lived my life and slowly the weight came back….

It has not been easy, and who ever says that it is a liar. I’ve had lots of set backs, I’ve loss a ton, gained it back, loss and gained again (now on the losing streak) I’ve met like minded people who have encouraged me and understand how difficult this is.

When I look at the virtual version of me, I feel like those weight watchers commercials you know the one where you talk to the past version of yourself. So many things are different.I still prefer chillaxing in front of the TV, and I do own a “freakum dress” I am not accountable of my fitness (and my food) I track and count calories, my activity tracker also helps, I have a gym membership and have gym equipment in my home (something that I never expected) but more importantly I am no  longer count the fatties in the room, while losing weight, I gained self confidence and now I know that my body is mine, it should never be compared to someone else, and no I look for people who are like minded and enjoy the same things that I do.

Am I the after? No, but something that I realized is that I will never be the after. I will always be a work in progress.

TODAY I will continue to be accountable, TODAY I will welcome the change, TODAY I continue to be a work in progress.


  • I want to look better naked (don’t you want to look at yourself naked without pointing out every negative thing about your body?)
  • I want to be able to climb the stairs without being winded
  • I want my knees to stop hurting
  • I want to feel beautiful
  • Despite my health issues I want to be able to fight off multiple myeloma and liver disease without having the overhanging obesity sign hangin’ over my head. I have enough going on, I would be pissed off if the reason I died was due to my weight (something that I can change)

Until Next Time….

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