Secret Santa



Writing Prompt: You get to choose one gift — no price restrictions — for any person you want. The caveat? You have to give it anonymously. What gift would you give, and to whom?

I love Secret Santa, I think because at the end it all boils down to the look on the person’s face when the get the gift, then when they find out who gave it to them. As I mentioned in a previous post, gift giving is super stressful for me, so I like to ask ahead of time what you want, then I get it for you… yes I realize that is the total opposite of what I just said about the Secret Santa… listen people I am a multi-faceted and complex person who changed her mind when the wind blows…

My mom has always been a hard worker and she earns every penny she receives, so I would like to give her an little bonus this holiday season, a gift of cold hard cash of $50,000. I think she would appreciate that (hell who wouldn’t?), but I know my mother better than anyone else, she would see a check for that amount and think it was a joke, then she would think it was real and figure who gave it to her and why… she wouldn’t even cash it until she got some information about the person who gave it to her.

I love my mom, but sometimes giving her gifts is a pain, and giving things to her anonymously is damn near difficult, exposing myself and telling her that I was the one who gave her the money would open up a whole new can of beans, I can already hear her say, “Tyra how did you get all that money? Did you do something illegal?”

But at the end I think it would still be worth it…



Until Next Time….

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2 thoughts on “Secret Santa

    • I feel like 50,000 is a lot of money for the average person, and it’s just the right amount of money to make a difference, now I’m not gonna sneeze at 1 million. … arms they amount never even occurred to me until you mentioned it. I’m sure if my mom got a check for a million, she would tear it up thinking it was fake


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