Friend Making Monday: Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas is Coming!



1. Do you celebrate Christmas? Normally, yes; but this year I it’s gonna be just another day, with gifts… I’m totally not in the mood to do anything this year..

2. What are your Christmas traditions? We used to have them, but as we have grown up and moved to different parts of the country they slowly disappeared. I don’t really have any right now other than exchanging gifts with my family.

3. Do you decorate for Christmas? Not currently. With a new cat it seems like a dangerous situation… maybe next year I’ll get a small tree with the tiniest amount of decorations….

4. What was Christmas like for you when you were a child? My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, but I remember Christmas being just a magical time of the year, 5. Is there anyone on your Christmas list you don’t like buying gifts for? Why? Everyone, honestly I have such gift giving anxiety it’s not even funny, I generally just ask, “what would you like for Christmas?”, and give them that. Not really a surprise on their part, but at least they aren’t disappointed.



6. Is there anyone you particularly like buying gifts for? Besides myself… nope!

7. Did you believe in Santa as a child? Do you remember when you found out he wasn’t real? I did then then one day I didn’t, no one told me it was just something that I figured out on my own, but the net Christmas wasn’t the same, some of the magic was gone Sad smile


8. I know Elf on the Shelf has only been around since 2005, but did your parents do anything similar when you were younger to make you behave during the holidays? No, thank goodness, I’m neurotic enough that might have seriously put me over the edge.

9. Speaking of Elf on the Shelf, do you have one? No, and to be quite honest I find it to be one of the creepiest things ever… No Thanks!



10. What is your dream Christmas (present/decorations/vacation/whatever)? I generally don’t like to travel for Christmas, but one year I was in the Caribbean on the beach and it was magnificent, until I saw some strangers saggy boobies, but as long as I’m with my family I’m happy…. now we can talk about a post-Christmas vacation, I’m totally down for that.

And since I’m working on my Korean I bid you all 메리 크리스마스, 해피 홀리데이 모두 (Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!)

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Tyra Takes on Weight Watchers–Week 14


There is something that I’ve noticed during the meetings during the Marathon of Food; you know that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas (and this is no judgment at all but as we creep towards Christmas the number of people coming to meetings gets smaller and smaller, and I get it. Lots of things tend to happen this time of the year and priorities shift, and let’s be honest there have been a few weeks when I DID NOT want to go to a meetings, (and I think this shows a lot of growth on my part) but I go anyway, I go because those might be the times when I’m getting discouraged and need to attend a meeting, just to reaffirm that I am doing exactly what I’m doing.

Last week I didn’t make any goals, but I did say that I wanted to show a loss after the Christmas holiday’s and honestly this week I didn’t think that I was gonna lose anything considering I haven’t been active at all and doing nothing much else but sleeping, but the scale showed a loss of 2.4 pounds. I’m thankful… and with that loss came the added bonus of hitting my 5% goal!!! YIPEE!!! And naturally I got swag… this sticker was a lot bigger than the regular Bravo! stickers we get in the meetings, but I love it!!


Also finally we got the charms in from the “Share Your Success” promotion. (Apparently my WW store’s was sent late). If you’re not familiar with the promotion  you had to attend six or more meetings between Nov 2 and Dec 27 (The Marathon of Food!!) and you get a cute little snow flake charm! It’s cute a lot smaller than they showed on the picture… but cute.


So this weeks Topic was another timely one,  we talked about the link between sleep and weight loss. Let’s be clear, when you get more sleep you’re better at everything, and I think it has to do with the fact that you are more rational and able to make clearer decisions, this includes what you put in your month. My sleep has always been weird, there are times when I have suffered from severe insomnia, there are times when all I do is sleep, and like now there are times when I sleep for 6-7 hours and it’s not restful, and I wake up tired and groggy or my sleep is broken, (I sleep for 3 hours, wake up for an hour then go back to sleep for another 4 hours). So how well I sleep at any given moment is never a given.

One of my goals on terms of weight loss for the upcoming year is to improve my sleep hygiene, on the days when I don’t sleep well (which I’m currently going on a two month streak) I don’t go to the gym, because seriously I think getting on a treadmill might be dangerous… did I ever share the story how (I think it was 2 years ago) was suffering from insomnia and was desperate for some sleep, so around 5 in the morning I went to the gym, I figured working out would tire me out, got on the treadmill and ran for about 30 seconds and the next thing I knew I was looking at the ceiling…. not an experience I want to do again, so I stay home)

I guess when you think about it there are a lot of reasons why we aren’t getting the sleep that we need, we’re busy raising families, working and basically surviving… and if you’re anything like me, sometimes your brain is too busy to simply fall asleep, and the longer I’m awake the it’s more likely that I’m gonna reach for snacks and eat until my heart is content.

So this week I’m gonna work on giving myself on bed time of 10:30… everything is turned off, and I’ll see if that works any with my sleep situation. This week I would like to continue on the trend and see a post Christmas weight loss.

What’s your advice of getting restful sleep??


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Until Next Time….

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To Be Resolved


Writing Prompt: We’re entering the final days of 2014 — how did you do on your New Year’s resolutions these past 11.75 months? Is there any leftover item to be carried over to 2015?

Every single year I say that I’m never gonna make New Years Resolutions, and every year I quietly make them, some I stick to and some I don’t,  some resolution that I made and stuck with (and will continue on the the new year are:

  • Continue to lose weight: I’m not trying to be skinny I just want to be healthy… well as healthy as possible considering my myriad of health issues. I believe and continue to stand strong behind the idea that as long as I’m as fit as I can possibly be, it makes dealing with my health issues a lot easier. I’m not where I want to be, and I may not be there this time next year, but I continue to make positive changes that are paying off and showing on and off the scale.
  • Showing kindness: I am still working on it, but I’m better than I was in the past, working on being kind to people, especially those who I feel have done me wrong or don’t deserve it (for me) is a test of character, if I can be kind to someone despite my feelings for them then I have won. I will continue to work on this ….probably forever.
  • Release the negativity: I think this goes along with kindness, releasing the negativity. Sometimes with love and friendship, you all people, or certain situations to occur that are not good for you. And to be honest removing negative, toxic people from my life has been life changing, my goal for the next year is to recognize those toxic, negative people and situations before I get to close
  • Being a better person: At the end of my life I want to feel like, everyday despite whatever challenges I face I did the best that I could, I was the best person that I could be… in the past selfishness was something that I practiced without knowing, so I want and continue to change that.

And with all of those things I probably should say stop cursing… but sometimes I need to say F*CK!

Until Next Time….

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