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Writing Prompt: The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?

I pretty much discussed this in yesterday’s post.

It could have something to do with childhood innocence, but I used to love Christmas, our house was always festive, there was always a ton of food and so many people would be at our house, and naturally the gifts, I just remember there used to be piles and piles of gifts under then tree, for a long time after that Christmas was never just a one-day events it was a lead up that happened the day after Thanksgiving and just exploded on Christmas day. As I got older things changed, now the day after Thanksgiving just pisses me off, I can’t do anything or go anywhere without being trampled my people, and it really has become a day that I hate. Putting up our Christmas tree used to be an event that I couldn’t wait… we would listen to music… now it’s just a lot of work… I am seriously becoming the scrooge, and I’m okay with that. What happened to all those wonderful Christmas feelings? Is this how it’s gonna progress for the rest of my life? I used to love this time of the year,but now I just feel blah about it… and can’t wait for it to be over.


christmas blah

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Leigh Anne Tuohy, Racism, and the White Saviour Complex

The Belle Jar

Leigh Anne “That Nice Woman Sandra Bullock Played In The Blind Side” Tuohy recently posted the following picture and caption on her Facebook and Instagram accounts:


We see what we want! It’s the gospel truth! These two were literally huddled over in a corner table nose to nose and the person with me said “I bet they are up to no good” well you know me… I walked over, told them to scoot over. After 10 seconds of dead silence I said so whats happening at this table? I get nothing.. I then explained it was my store and they should spill it… They showed me their phones and they were texting friends trying to scrape up $3.00 each for the high school basketball game! Well they left with smiles, money for popcorn and bus fare. We have to STOP judging people and assuming and pigeon holing people!…

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Theaters, Sony, and Paramount Cave to Terrorists and Cyberbullies & Why that’s Bad

Graphic Policy

interview_xlgIn what can only be described as stupidity and cowardice, national theater chains including AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Cineplex, and eventually Sony Pictures Entertainment have pulled the December 25th release of The Interview. For those who might not know, The Interview is a film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco that has them traveling to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un, and are tasked to kill the leader. The country didn’t take the comedy too lightly, and instead North Korea (likely, it’s hard to verify) waged a cyber-war against Sony in retaliation.

That cyber attack proved an embarrassment for the American subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate. Sensitive documents were released, and have been fodder for sites over the past week. That coverage of leaked documents, and the subsequent reaction (which we’ll get to), played right into the hackers hands. Really, the…

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Nail Polish Lottery Club–Week 101

nail polish lottery club

This Weeks Random Nail Polish Pick is

Sinful Colors’ Ice Dream


nail border

Are you still not sure what the Nail Polish Lottery Club let me give you a quick rundown; It’s a club for nail polish lovers. Do you have lots of nail polish you never used before? Put all your untried polishes into an excel sheet and every week we pick a random number and wear a different nail polish, then we post the results on our YouTube channel, blog, or on the NPLClub Facebook page! Totally easy right? If you’d like to join us feel free, we’re all totally cool!! Nail Polish Lottery Club guidelines link Nail Polish Lottery Club Facebook page Use the hashtag: #nplclub on Twitter and Instagram

nail addict

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Since nothing has been posted on the NPLC Facebook page, I’m assuming that there is a break for a Christmas holiday, but I shall go on without them and this will unofficially be Week 101. As far as I’m concerned last week’s pick was a show stopper that was perfect for the holidays, and this week I picked another holiday inspired polish…

20141204_224549When I picked this nail polish I kind you not I sang the entire Frozen soundtrack… this is totally an Elsa nail polish, but alias Sinful Colors didn’t see it my way, despite my emails (I’m kidding on that one) and  named it Ice Dreams instead…. which I guess when you think about it suits it as well.

Ice  Dream is   a fine silver glitter polish with larger discs of turquoise glitter in it. Very glitzy, very wintery. One coat is almost entirely opaque,  obviously this glitter would look fantastic with a grey, white or light blue, but for the purpose of this post I simply used it alone… I wanted to get the full effect.

This is currently apart of the Holiday Wishes collection, (Formally of the Glitz and Glittered collection )I said currently as you know Sinful Colors add pr20141204_224506eviously released colors and place them in multiple collections, but I really like these, all Blues and Golds, and all something I would totally wear (hell I already own a few of them)

I tend to get nervous when I’m using glitters because they are so hit and miss they are either clump and hard to apply or in this case, applies smooth and even with little or no problems, the polish dried really fast and the glitter was nice and smooth to the touch; one of my pet peeves with glitter is when it’s bumpy only because it has a tendency to snag on my clothing.


Several days later I changed my mind, and wanted to see what it would look like with a base color and I honestly I’m not use which way I prefer, and it sort of gives you a different look, but since I’m partial to blue this one is a winner.


This week Tsuki graciously allowed me to photograph her with the nail polish while she was preparing to nap… such a generous feline, she doesn’t seem all that thrilled about it…. but who cares…


I loved it’s polish and I love that you can create different looks with a different base polish, or you can wear it alone… and since it’s a winter themed and instantly reminded me of the movie Frozen I can’t help but give this polish a 10 out of 10 !

Sinful Color’s Ice Dream retails for $1.99.

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