Kick The Bucket


Writing Prompt: What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

Top 5 things on my anti-bucket list:

  1. Never read “Fifty Shades of Grey” again – seriously people despite all the hype surrounding the book (and the movie); but this was a really difficult book to read, not because o the subject matter, but because this book was so poorly written, I couldn’t get into it, because I keep finding errors then I started editing the book as I was reading, and I couldn’t stand Anna, I found her so damn annoying , and found myself screaming at my book asking why she was so spineless, I read for enjoyment not to raise my blood pressure, I read these books once and they chucked them in the trash… mommy porn my ass.
  2. I never want to see the movie Vacancy again. I love a good scare, but this movie fucked with me in ways I can’t even verbalize. months after I watched the move (and I didn’t watch it all) I was still thinking of it
  3. I never want to visit St. Rose Dominican hospital again. It’s a wonderful facility but honestly stepping back in that place would cause a panic attack of epic proportions. After spending 6 weeks there, 2 comas, and multiple medical emergencies, I think it’s understandable why I don’t want to enter that place.
  4. Not speaking to my mother was the pits… and I never want to do that again., once was enough, I think it lasted for over a month… the reasons why aren’t important (and they honestly weren’t important then either) but we’re bot h alike in the fact that we are both stubborn and want have out say, so we tend to butt heads often.. we just know how to deal with it better. But #3 was the reason we started speaking again. I was started to get sick and was scared and after a visit to quick care and the doctor told me that I needed to go to the ER right away I called her and told her that I needed her.
  5. There is enough crap in the world making people feel like they are worth-less and not good enough. We see it everyday from what we watch on TV, do our “friends”, we even do it to ourselves, I never want to be one of those people that makes someone else feel that way. We deal with enough stuff on a daily basis, do we really need to deal with that too?


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Tyra Takes on Weight Watchers -Week 13


This week I didn’t get on the scale at all… not one time, which I know that I said I wouldn’t do, but I did  several times for the past two weeks, I’m not sure what it was this week but I didn’t “feel it” could have to do with the fact that I’m feeling totally blah and my body is adjusting to new medication which means every single side effect possible I’m currently dealing with, but one of the positive side effects (well I guess it depends on who you ask) is lose of appetite.. so I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and I have been snacking instead of eating “real” food… so last week I was all about “Are the Foods You Eat Worthy of You”, yeah well that totally went out of the window… although I did ask myself, “why are you eating this Tyra?” But when you wake up because you’re hungry and the only thing you ant to do is go back to sleep, anything will do the job.


This week’s topic was another timely one, Food Pushers, you know what they are. You have one admit, heck you might even be one. You know the person, at a social function who says, “Oh, try this” or “One bite won’t kill you”. I come from the clean plate club. I was always told to finish all you food, heck my grandfather seriously took offense if you didn’t finish your food, so I grew up around food pushers, it was normal for me,  and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I grew up in a family plagued with weight problems. Just like with Thanksgiving I’m coming with a plan, measuring spoons, and scale will be going with me, and I will plan what I’m going to eat ahead of time,

One of the many positive aspects of losing weight is the fact that I’ve gained a certain self confidence that I didn’t have before. I know longer have a problem standing up for myself and telling people what I want and what I need. And I no longer have shame around the fact that I’m fat, but I’m working on it. So telling people that I’m losing weight or doing  Weight Watchers is not a problem, and just telling people it sort of puts it in their mind that I am “restricting” myself from eating certain things/large portions. so the food pushing ends there, But there are some people who get seriously offended when you don’t “eat this” or “try that”…and you need to be a little bit more firmer, and no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings, I’ll simply say “Can I just take that home with me?” Thank goodness I have a younger brother who pretty much eats anything with large amounts of fat and sugar, so I can easily pass it on to him.

I for sure will be happy when the holiday season is over….


Not all that surprised by the outcome of this weeks weigh in… I got on the scale this week and I looked at my leader and said, “I feel exactly the same , I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose a pound” And honestly not having a gain is success, consider when I have big losses they are followed by a gain… so this is good, especially considering that my eating this week wasn’t the best and although I didn’t do that bad activity wise I was only able to pull in 98% of my activity goal this past week. Also you will notice that my goal weight has changed to reflect the “ultimate goal”. I actually heard back from my insurance company on Monday (the day after I faxed my weight booklet to them, as I said before I wasn’t holding my breathe that they would disregard the fact that I was only 1 pound away. But she very nicely told me that they they would no longer be paying (DUH!) but they would pay for me to see a nutritionist twice a year… guess they thought I was gonna  quit Weight Watchers once they stopped paying… Well they can suck it!

Next week’s meeting should be interesting, it’s the meeting before Christmas (how did Christmas creep on my so quickly this year). I’m not gonna set a goal this week, only because I am still feeling poorly, BUT I would like to see a loss during the first meeting after Christmas (which would be the Dec. 28th meeting) Wish me luck!

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