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Writing Prompt: What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

The most interesting thing about blogging is that I feel weird if I don’t post something everyday. It’s odd because when I started this bog as a way be creative and I would write write when the mood struck me, I would be luck if I was able to get something out once a week I just wanted a place  to write about the things on my mind, sort of like a diary that everyone had access to. The fact that I make it a point to write; even if it is just a daily prompt everyday … just shows how far I’ve gotten in a few years; but what amazes me more than anything is when I get a notification that someone has liked or commented on something I wrote. Every single time a person follows my blog I break out in girly glee.

I’m happy that some of the things that I write about are connection with people that I have never met, it means a lot that people take time to read what I write and enjoy it. Like I said this blog turned out into something I never imagined it would, and it’s not really anything I’ve done, it’s all the readers.

So I guess really in the end the most interesting thing about my blog is the readers, so thank you!

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