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Well this was my “decision week”… 12 weeks on Weight Watchers. This is the week that I decide whether or not I would continue the program and also if I lost enough weight to justify my insurance company to pay for an additional 3 months of meetings. Well to answer both of those questions, yes Right now for me I do think that it was worth it, and No, I didn’t lose enough weight for my insurance company to justify to continue paying for my meeting, I missed their target by 1 pound . Do I think that someone in the nutrition department is gonna say, “Wow, she’s been doing a great job, and she missed the target by one pound let’s just activate three additional months for her” Nope, not at all…. this is a business to them, and I failed to reach the target… I highly doubt, I’m not gonna hold my breathe, I had money set aside “just in case” Capture

Earlier last week, I found something on Facebook, ironically enough it was from Weight Watchers . Do you ever read or see something that strikes a cord with you and really changed your way of thinking? Well before I get into that, I just want to say that it directly ties in to this weeks meeting discussion topic (I’m paraphrasing here) “Is The Food You Are Eating Worthy Of You?” I think anyone who is currently working the Weight Watchers program or has weight issues can understand how powerful that question is.

so bored

I realized  that I am the kind of person that will snack out of boredom and honestly those boredom snacks are not worthy of me.. Let’s be honest I ice cream is wonderful; and it taste really good, but honesty does it help with my goals? So I’m gonna start asking myself the following question anytime I want to eat a “questionable” food “

  1. Do I really need this, as opposed to asking do I want it (because we already know the answer is yes) If the answer is yes drink a glass of water then repeat that question again in 15 minutes, if the answer is yes
  2. Is it worthy of you? If the answer is yes and there are points available then eat it… if not find a lower point alternative.

I think just the act of asking myself these question will keep me from those times when I’m mindlessly eating. Now written down this seems like an easy plan, but I know there are gonna be times when I gonnd say “screw this, hand over that pie”, but this is something that I would like to put into practice so that it can become a natural thing for me.

This week I want to continue to ask myself questions about what I’m eating and more importantly why I’m eating it. As mentioned earlier since I’m 1 pound away from 5% the “goal weight” has changed to reflect my long term goal. My goal for next week is to lose 1.5 pounds. (and I am continuing my goal of 15 pounds by July 4th)

  • A couple of things, I have changed my goal weight, to my weight watchers Life Time Member goal weight (plus 10 pounds) I plan to get doctor approval for that at my next appointment.
  • I got a 5 pound loss sticker…. those things seem to be bad luck for me, for every 5 pounds I lose I gain a few back…
  • And as predicted I got my Weight Watchers sway for attending 6 weeks straight from the Share Your Success Promotion
  • Attended an new orientation….. apparently there will be some slight changes to the program

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I’m sure next week will bring new issues and revelations to the table,  you know me, I’ll always talk about them

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Gut Feeling



Writing Prompt: When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?

I always tell this story  when I’m talking to people about their gut feelings, which honestly I think people should always follow. I was a freshman in college at the time and I guy who liked me (although I didn’t know it at the time) invited me and a friend to a party that one of the fraternities were giving, It was gonna be my first official college party so I was game and ready to go and was really excited.

the three of us were walking to the party and I just remember the closer we got to the house the more on edge and nervous I was getting, I looked at the guy and said, “I don’t think I want to go to this party, is it okay if we do something else” and he looked at me and eventually agreed to it . We went to a diner and had fries, pie and hot coco, and actually it was pretty good night, walking back into the dorms there were a lot of people standing out front and so we wanted to know what was going on… apparently the party we were supposed to go to got raided by the cops for under-age drinking and most of the people there were arrested.

By trusting my gut feeling I keep my behind out of jail and didn’t have to call my mother and explain to her why I was sitting in a jail cell for underage drinking.. At the end it was defiantly the right call, and the was the moment that I decided to always trust my instincts.

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