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Writing Prompt: Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose — and would you make the same choice today?

All the time, I think it might simply be part of the human condition. I’m am finding myself dealing with this very quandary at the moment. Very early yesterday morning I found out that my cousin died unexpectantly. It’s difficult to understand why someone in their 20’s who was seemly healthy would die just when their lives were beginning. I am a logical person, I have always prided myself on the how’s and why things work, and why they happen. I know what happens when a person has a seizure, I know how the body reacts, what can happen and what the outcomes are, I know the process of saying goodbye to a love one, I’ve done it more times than I care to mention, I know these things. The thing that I don’t know is why is it what I forget…. why do I forget that no matter how logical a person is in their every day, and I guess in a lot of ways that makes me slightly detached from the things around me, it makes me feel safe and I like to feel that way, I have chosen to be that way. But when things like this happen  emotion and grief make me highly illogical and I don’t know how to deal with anything. More than anything I wish someone would give me an easy fix, I wish someone would say this is the appropriate way to act and this is the most appropriate way to respond. I wish someone would say, “Girl we we’re joking” and things would go back to the way they were on Monday. I wish for a lot of things right now.

I apologize to my readers this was not the answer that I wanted to write to this prompt, but as most of you know you HAVE to write what you feel and not what you want.

For a lot of us tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and my wish for you is to be thankful for the friends and family that you have, enjoy the time together, makes memories; and remember those for don’t have homes, out friends and family to spend time with.

And to John I am thankful for the time that I spent with you and you will be forever be missed.

Until Next Time….

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