Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers -Week 10


At first this was gonna be 9.5 simple because I only did half. I attended a meeting but I didn’t weigh in (My knees are really swollen and stiff and I just didn’t want to see a gain this week on the scale). Since I started this series I have been completely honest and I felt like it was still important to continue that trend. Since this will be the last minute before Thanksgiving I wanted to share this with anyone who is reading this and following the Weight Watcher’s program. For about a monthly I have been worrying about Thanksgiving, then today it hit me… really hit me. Why is it acceptable to be a glutton and gorge yourself on food on Thanksgiving and not any other day? For me, it’s gonna be any other day I’m gonna practice the skills that I learned and I’m gonna weigh and measure like I always do. It’s already a given that I’m gonna go over my points, but that’s what the 49 is for.

So in my estimation I have two rough days, but since they have already been planned out and I already know what and how much I’m eating it should be easy… right? Right! Last night when I was in bed I planned and wrote in my Journal what I was eating today, tomorrow and Thursday (and i guess by default Friday too) so I only have to worry about Tuesday and Wednesday…

I will go to my mom’s house armed with my tools (scale, measuring spoons, food dairy, and healthy snacks) but at the end of the day I guess that’s all that you can do….

I guess I’ll see what happens next week


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Until Next Time….

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