Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers -Week 10


At first this was gonna be 9.5 simple because I only did half. I attended a meeting but I didn’t weigh in (My knees are really swollen and stiff and I just didn’t want to see a gain this week on the scale). Since I started this series I have been completely honest and I felt like it was still important to continue that trend. Since this will be the last minute before Thanksgiving I wanted to share this with anyone who is reading this and following the Weight Watcher’s program. For about a monthly I have been worrying about Thanksgiving, then today it hit me… really hit me. Why is it acceptable to be a glutton and gorge yourself on food on Thanksgiving and not any other day? For me, it’s gonna be any other day I’m gonna practice the skills that I learned and I’m gonna weigh and measure like I always do. It’s already a given that I’m gonna go over my points, but that’s what the 49 is for.

So in my estimation I have two rough days, but since they have already been planned out and I already know what and how much I’m eating it should be easy… right? Right! Last night when I was in bed I planned and wrote in my Journal what I was eating today, tomorrow and Thursday (and i guess by default Friday too) so I only have to worry about Tuesday and Wednesday…

I will go to my mom’s house armed with my tools (scale, measuring spoons, food dairy, and healthy snacks) but at the end of the day I guess that’s all that you can do….

I guess I’ll see what happens next week


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Until Next Time….

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Grateful and Guilty


Writing Prompt: Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank-you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure

Dear Mr. Cohen,

I just wanted to write you a to thank you for feeding my addiction for trashy,botox-filled reality television, there is something quite fulfilling about watching “rich” women living their “perfect” lives. Even though from your seven version (yes, I’m counting D.C. even though it lasted one season and Miami ) 20 Divorces or separations, and yes, I’m counting NeNe even though she remarried the same man 13 bankruptcies, the 28 business created (and  some  failed) and the countless self promotion  and 3 federal indictments.

What started off with only watching two franchises, I can say now  that I have seen all of them and even some international versions.  I love it so much I even watched The Hotwives Of Orlando on Hulu Why do I continue watching, when all they do is talk about each other behind their backs, fight and lie? Well that’s easy, it makes me feel better about my life and get’s me through my daily mundane chores, besides who doesn’t enjoy watching women make complete and total asses of themselves on television….I swear there isn’t enough money in the world to be on that show…. but I still love it.

Thanks again and keep it coming Andy!

Until Next Time….

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