Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers -Week 9


Weight loss sucks, I tell anyone who asked it’s really is one of the most heartbreaking experiences you can go though, just when you think you’ve got it. Just when you think things are going good the scale, reminds you and says, “Hold up, you think you got this… ha!! good luck” Intellectually I know what to do, it’s literally been beaten into my mind over and over again, but there are times when I just decide I’m not gonna do it and it shows big time on the scale. This week I gained 2.2 pounds. The second week of gain in a row…


I think that having this stupid cold, and not being able to breathe I really just gave up layed in bed and ate. Although I did track everything I ate. I did eat a lot of sugary foods and a lot of foods that were pretty high in sodium… leaving on soups and ice cream is probably not a good idea… but hey it’s nursed my cold and my sore throat.  Which brings me to a topic I’m want to focus on this week. Is there a time when weight watchers has to take a back burner because your priorities temporarily shift. Now this is something that gets discussed all the time in meetings.. some leaders will say, “come to a meeting” it might do you some good” and others are a little bit more lax and tell you “real life happens”.I would like to think that even when “real life” happens that I have the tools and the copping mechanisms that will keep me from over indulging, but sadly I’m not there yet… and that frustrates me.. there was a time when I would see a gain and cry and ask, “how did that happen” I know exactly how it happened, I got the tracker to tell me exactly what I put in my mouth and Active Link tells me exactly what movement I did this week…. being realistic about my weight loss and how every week effects my goals is helping me, and that’s not to say that ever week from here on out is gonna be a loss, there are bound to be more obstacles, another illness, another family dinner, 20 more stressful situations… but if I continue to practice making good food decisions maybe it’ll become second nature to me.

So even though the scale showed another gain… I’m happy with my body, I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made, and continue to make.  This has been so hard (no only weight watchers but the 80 pounds I lost before even joining Weight Watchers, lots of set-backs and lots of victories….I realized the other day that I was putting my weight out there for all to see… there used to be a time when it would have made me cringe…. hell I know it would have made me cry… but hell I don’t care… this is how much I weigh…. deal with it!

For the last couple of weeks I have been  making goals… this week I won’t make a weight loss goal. But I do want to do more exercise… I have been seriously lacking the past few weeks… 4 days this week I’m planning on going to the gym….I want to make sure every day that I work out that I earn at least 3 activity points. .. as always I’ll report back to you…

Two weeks of gain in a row will not turn in to three…..



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Until Next Time….

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