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Writing Prompt: Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached.

There is nothing in the world than makes me feel weaker than a cold, and hell I feel like I should take it, two liver transplant, blood clots and cancer, and a cold, take me down. I’m sitting here trying to write this and it’s like I’m taking a math test, everything is jumbled and more than anything I want to take a nap.. It could have something to do with the Tylenol cold medicine that I took or it could be the fact that I’m a wimp…. I’m thinking it’s the later.

I’ve  had this cold for 4 days and and by day two my mother is asking me if I’ve called my doctor…nope I have not called my doctor, it’s a cough and a runny nose, I’m miserable but I’m pretty sure I’ll survive, if I’m not feeling better by Monday then I might consider calling the doctor. Since I’m a transplant patient cold medication can be a bit tricky, alcohol-free medicine is more expensive and honestly I don’t think it work as good as the other stuff… so more often than not I don’t take anything…. besides what is the point of telling my doctor, all he’s gonna do is tell me to go take a chest x-ray, then call me and tell me it’s “all clear”

I’m complaining A LOT because I’m so tired, I’m tired because every time I lay down I have these coughing fits, coughing so much that my side has started to hurt (seriously do you think I might have torn something?) and before you ask ..yes I have cough drops… actually I’m taking Ricola (halls are gross). And since we are talking about Riccola what the hell is “Chrueterchraft” and it’s not working for me.

You know what this is bullshit, I’m going to sleep!

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