Trio no. 4



Writing Prompt: Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

This is a true story

Picture this winter in Wisconsin and after a frigid few days it  turned into a crisp, bright day,  since the roads were clear my boyfriend and I decided that it would be a good day to go grocery shopping before the next winter storm hit.  Grocery shopping is what it is, it’s not that exciting but you do it because you have to…. but I distinctly remember that soda was on sale 3 cases for $10, so we stocked up. (Which is really not that uncommon) After lunch we headed home on the 1-94 going about 70 (I’m pretty sure the speed limit was 55) So yes we were speeding, I dropped the groceries off and we were tired so we decided to leave the sodas in the car and we would get them later.

A week later I’m on my way home from a doctors appointment and all of the sudden I hear a loud BOOM! in my truck, I’m freaking out, something in my car just exploded, and seriously I’m a nervous wreck, finally I park my car and look under the car to make sure everything is where it should be (honestly I don’t know where anything goes, but nothing looked broken and nothing was hanging), then I looked in the truck and what do I see… six cases of frozen cans of soda exploding or near exploding.

Annoyed and slightly amused I called my boyfriend and tell him what happens, he tells me not to touch them, because he isn’t sure if more will explode if I touch them or move them around and says that he will clean them up when he comes home. That particular winter was really cold, so it was easy to clean up the frozen bits of soda.

So from the point on, when ever I purchase soda (which isn’t that often anymore) they go either in the passenger seat or the  back seat, so that I remember to take them up… once you have an experience of removed exploding cans of soda, it’s not something you want to relive.

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