Tyra Takes On Weight Watchers -Week 6


You ever have a week that’s a complete disaster? Last week was for me (and also the reason this post is a day late). Let me start from the beginning. om Monday I had to take my mom the the ER and
(the initial plan was) after she came home and was comfortable I would go to the gym (I already had my workout clothes on and my gym bag was in the car), but we were there for a long time, and after she was discharged I went home, went to bed , woke up, at a ton of crap and went back to bed. Tuesday I redeemed myself and went to the gym in the morning, but 3/4 through my workout I started having pain in my rib area (my biopsy site) and cut my workout short… Wednesday was still in pain so didn’t go to the gym, and I ate a crap ton of food to “soothe’ myself.. Thursday I had a doctors appointment and didn’t go to the gym, came home and went to bed, Friday was in a lot of pain, hadn’t slept well, tried to eat more food to soothe myself…. didn’t work, Saturday the pain was immense and I was having issues breathing so off to the ER I went.  I was there for 8 hours or so, with prescriptions in my hands and greasy fast food fried chicken in my care I headed over to my mom’s house; where I stayed over night . Since my Weight Watchers meeting is 5 minutes from my mom’s house I went (I promised myself even if I was having a bad week I would not skip a meeting)… slightly drugged and numbed of pain for the time being I sort of glazed over the meeting, honestly I’m not sure what we talked about… but I went.

Now based on everything that happened this week, eating tons of food,  (I actually went over my 49 this week) falling into bad habits (emotional eating) and no exercise, also with my period arriving any day, and all the fluids I received in the ER I was prepared for a gain so I was not surprised when the scale showed that I gained 2 pounds. Out of all of this the positive is that I know exactly why I gained, and I need to find that motivation  to get back on track and see the scale going in the right direction.


This week I want to lose 2 pounds. The real problem right now is finding a way to workout with causing myself pain, later today I’m gonna try yoga and stretching and see how that works out for me…and on the food side I’m going to be super vigilant on tracking my food. I’m also disappointed that I wasn’t about to do the 5K on Saturday…. but life happens, I’m gonna stat focusing on small goals, I would like to lose 7 pounds in the next 6 weeks (which I think it totally do-able) and for a larger goal I would like to lose 35 pounds in 35 weeks; which is roughly around July 4th (My mom and I have major plans) which would put me around 183 pounds and 7 pounds away from my goal weight. (which I think is totally do-able as well), and it’s nice that I’ll be able to do this with my mom, since my mom has decided that she wants to lose weight as well (WEIGHT LOSS BUDDIES!)

While working on eating better and start earning activity points I can refocus and start working on Tyra 2.0 (which is was the topic of this weeks meeting) I need to take a long hard look at what works for me and what doesn’t while working on confidence and motivation so that I can start to see myself at my goal, this is something that is gonna take much longer than a week, but I am committed to it, just like I’  committed to losing weight and pursing a healthier lifestyle.

So let me ask you guys something, those of you who are doing weight watchers, how long did it take for you to eliminate those negative behaviors?



If you want to check out my journey so far: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5

Until Next Time….

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