Reader’s Block



Writing Prompt: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

I got my love of reading from my mother, I love the idea of slipping into a different world, learning new things, and just having some time to yourself. Even know I am reading some sort of story every single day… it’s a requirement… I don’t feel write if I’m not reading. The last time I had “reader’s block” was the three months leading and the month after my second liver transplant. I was horrible sick as you can imagine and the ammonia levels in my blood were sky high, so I literally stopped eating, I was always sleeping, and when I was awake I was totally confused and irritable because it was like I was surrounded in cotton and it took me a long time to process the things that people said to me (and I was also losing memories). So reading was frustrating and when I was able to grasp what I was reading I was already back to sleep (then I would forget what I wrote and have to start all over again the next day)

When I started regain my health, my doctor suggested that I start reading and playing games that stimulate the mind … and at first I started off with random Harlequin romances that I found at the library… but then I found a book from one of the authors I enjoy called The Royal Treatment… it was the perfect book, not to big and it didn’t require me to do too much thinking, I quickly finished the book in about 4 days and got one Amazon before I as finished to order the other books in the series…. it was the perfect book to remind me of my love of reading… and for that reason alone it will remain one of my favorites.

Until Next Time….

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