One-Way Street


Writing Prompt: Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

To be honest I’m not sure that I want it…. I hate to quote from a movie, but with great power comes great responsibility… and honestly I don’t want it,  You give me a time machine and I’m not gonna use, I’m just as curious and nosey as the next person but I don’t want to know what the future holds (and if we read my blog then you know it depends on the day what my answer is) if I know what the future entails, I think it would change the way that I live my life, I’m living my life in a way that I’m proud of I’m not compromising my self or my integrity for anyone, the only thing that concerns me is the status of my health, but as long I continue  to do the things that I need to do to be as healthy as possible, there is nothing left for me to do, I simply have to allow for time and fate to take it’s course, and hopefully medicine will be advanced enough for me to live a long and comfortable life.

As far as looking back, I’ve always been of the mind that the past it the past and the mistakes that I’ve made are meant to be used as learning tools so that I can be better today and in the future. So you can keep your time machine…. I’m good.

Until Next Time….

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