In Transit



Writing Prompts: Train stations, airport terminals, subway stops: soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies, or magical sets for fleeting, interlocking human stories?

Are you serious? It’s a magical setting for fleeting, interlocking human stories, I’m one of those people who is at the airport early, and I always find myself looking at the people sitting or walking around and think about their lives, where they are going and where they are from. Everyone has a unique story… sometimes they intertwine with yours, sometimes they don’t; this is a story of one couple and how their lives intertwined with mine for a short, gross and seriously memorable time.

I was on my way home to Milwaukee, after spending a week in Las Vegas packing up my belonging from my apartment in Las Vegas. I was really sad sitting in the airport, thinking about all the reasons I had to leave Las Vegas so abruptly (serious medical emergency) and the fact that I was starting a mew phase on my life and that place was no longer my home; something told me to look up and I see this petite black woman walking about really fast cursing at the top of her lungs saying, “You stupid motherfucker, that’s what you get for spending all night in the casino getting drunk, I hope you die on the plane” the man who was looking rough at the moment simply laid on the floor and went to sleep, I thought to myself you have got to be kidding me, I feel bad for whoever is sharing a plane with this couple.

I got up to grab and snack and something to read on the plane, the angry, drunk couple clearly forgotten…. until I was sitting in my sit on the plane and I saw them headed my way…. FUCK MY LIFE! Why are these people on the plane… CRAP!! These people are gonna be complete and total assholes… okay not so much the man but the woman… because she’s still cursing. And I don’t want to sound like a bratty bitch, but I didn’t want these people on this plane and I certainly didn’t want the drunk, sick and sleepy man sitting next to me (his companion sat behind us and was still cursing until the flight attendant told her to control her language or she would be escorted off the plane). The man is sleep and all seems fine then all of the sudden he starts to moan, he calmly alerts the flight attendant that she has to vomit, and he needed vomit bags….. so this man who is sitting in between me and another equally and pissed off passenger puking up his booze, stinking up the entire plane… I’m a second from puking myself.

Then… THEN he takes his  full puke bag and holds it away from his body and literally over my lap…. and I just looked at him, like he lost his damn mind so I called the flight attendant and said, “excuse me, I need to move. this man is sick, he smells and he keeps passing his vomit over me… “ Since she was the one who gave him the barf bags she knew the situation and said, “I’ll do you one better, I’m gonna move him to the back of the plane” he left and the flight was so much better, you don’t understand… 1 hours with him barfing was an hour too long in my book, I spent the next three hours blissfully reading my magazine. When we disembarked the plane the lady went right back to cursing her partner out… and I stood there thinking, “this is exactly what happens when you wonder about other people”

barf bags

Until Next Time….

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