Tyra Takes on Weight Watchers : Week 3


Week 1, Week 2

After the shit –cake that was last weeks meeting, I took to heart what my meeting leader Leslie said and I kept doing what I was doing. Looking back now I feel super silly for crying the way that I did, but it might have be a necessary part of this process… I know for a fact that I’m gonna have more bad days, and I know for whatever reason I’m gonna gain weight, but I have and will continue to be committed to losing weight in a safe way. I have been seriously thinking about doing  Simple Start instead of the Points Plus, people seem to be losing big numbers every week using that method, but the idea of eating power food and eating till satisfaction scares the hell out of me. it’s almost like, “Go ahead and eat all you want” and right now for me the PP system gives me some guidance that I need, but I will be doing it somewhere down the line… mainly because I don’t know what the hell satisfaction is.

I have been thinking a lot about the holidays, and all the challenges that I might face, someone in my meeting suggested that I have of spoonful my indulgences, and load up on my veggies…. Thanksgiving and Christmas might be the days that I actually move away from the  Points Plus. system… all I know is I don’t want the holidays to be a free for all and blow my entire 49 on one day… that would be awful.
This week (and for the rest of  the month we will be talking about being b the “Boss of Our World” which should be interesting because I don’t have a clue. But before I forget I went to b the meeting and I weighed in and I lost 3 pounds! I’m excited that the work I’m putting in is showing on the scale. I’m gonna put it out there that next me ting I want to get my 5 pound stickers …

I think my goal this week is getting in more physical activity (one of the reasons that I said that, was that I realized the things that I write down as physical activity may not be considered a baseline for me since I do them every single day without fail…so I’m gonna me making a lot more appearances at my gym this week….wish me luck



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