Mouths Wide Shut


Writing Prompt: Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

Not as much as I used to be. As I’ve gotten older I love the idea of trying new things and expanded my pallet; now if you asked my mother she would say that all her children were picky eaters, but she’s super picky too.  When I was growing up there were a lot of things that my mother cooked that I didn’t eat….like pork chops, rice, cream style corn… but I wouldn’t even put them on my plate… FYI I still don’t eat cream style corn, I think it’s gross.

Now my younger brothers for years…. YEARS they only lived on Peanut Butter and Jelly, my mother got so concerned that they weren’t eating she talked to their pediatrician about it. He felt like as long as they were eating and eating until satisfaction, he didn’t find anything wrong with it. they would eventually grown out of it (My 25 year old brother still eats a lot of PB&J sandwiches). But as an adult I don’t consider myself so much as picky, just more aware of the foods that I choose to eat, more often than not I will ask, “how many calories in a serving” and base my decision on that.  The only food quirk I will admit to is that I don’t eat a lot of red meat…. only because I don’t like the heaviness feeling that I get afterwards… but every once and a while I get a craving for it..

So there you go, I’m pretty boring when it comes to food… you could say my diet is pretty “white bread” (although I don’t eat white bread either Sad smile )


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3 thoughts on “Mouths Wide Shut

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  2. I heard once that thinner people don’t like that heaviness feeling that you described. That was from the “How To Eat Like French Women” from back in the day. I can relate to that, too. But I do like meat even though my newly picky tummy does not :-/
    It sounds like you come from a family of “discerning” tastes Tyra…
    I like so many foods and trying new things. Recently I was so excited to try anchovies so I got them all over my pizza. It DID NOT GO WELL 😦 😛
    You and my picky-eating husband would likely enjoy mealtime together!
    Always enjoying your writing ❤


    • After my first transplant red meat became more difficult to eat. . My step dad always makes a fuss because he said that she made 4 different meals for dinner…. and our favorite saying is “I don’t like that”

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